Avoiding Highway Distractions Can Avoid Crashes

Deputies from the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office responded to a two-vehicle crash on Cumming Highway on January 19 at approximately 11:30 a.m., where a dump truck on Cumming Highway hit a Chevrolet flatbed truck head-on. The Chevrolet’s 41-year-old male driver was rushed to the Wellstar Fulton Hospital but succumbed to his injuries later. His passenger and the dump truck driver were also rushed to the hospital to receive treatment for non-life-threatening injuries.

This motor vehicle crash, along with many other crashes, could have been prevented if motorists had kept their focus on the road and avoided distractions.

Distracted Driving Laws in Georgia

Distracted driving is any activity that can potentially distract you while you are driving. This can include using your hands to use your cell phone for calling, texting, e-mailing, etc., tinkering with radio or the GPS, or grooming. Georgia law prohibits these distracted driving activities:

  • Sending, writing, or reading text messages while behind the wheel
  • Using handheld mobile phones – your phone can’t touch any part of the body while you’re talking on it.
  • Posting to or scrolling through social media or websites while driving
  • Watching or recording videos while driving
  • Using any kind of mobile phone, even hands-free or wireless, by school bus drivers

While these laws mainly focus on distracted driving caused using mobile phones while driving, you can be cited for engaging in different distracting activities while driving. Likewise, Georgia utilizes primary enforcement when it comes to distracted driving. This means that even if you seem in control of your car and are not violating any other traffic laws, if the police see you violating any distracted driving law, you can be pulled over and issued a ticket.

Simple Tips for Avoiding Driver Distractions

There are plenty of steps all drivers can take to stay focused while behind the wheel, and some of these include:

  • Eat before heading out. Drinking and eating while driving can easily distract you and take your eyes off the roadway and hands off the wheel.
  • Never use your mobile phone unless it’s an emergency. It’s always better to wait and use your phone until you can safely pull over or before you drive.
  • It’s always best to pull over if you feel sleepy or tired. Drowsy or fatigued driving can make you distracted because you’ll be too tired to keep your focus on the roadway. Your reaction time will likewise be significantly slower.
  • Avoid multitasking while driving. For instance, putting on makeup or fixing your hair will prevent you from focusing on driving.
  • Avoid carrying too many passengers. Too many people talking or too many kids in the back can be distracting.

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