Driverless Trucks Will Be Out on the Road Soon

In today’s era of technology, autonomously operating vehicles are one of the current developments poised to impact and change everyday life as we know it. Up until now, these self-driving vehicles have been exclusively passenger vehicles, with companies like Tesla and Uber promising to make driverless cars and delivering. Now, however, TuSimple has begun to introduce autonomous 18-wheeler trucks into the equation. 

The company plans to test drive its first in the fourth quarter of this year, so these autonomously driving commercial trucks will be on the road sooner than you know. These autonomous vehicles use cameras, maps, radars, and other sensors in order to navigate the road or highway, and to do so in real time. People who work within the industry say that self-driving 18-wheelers could produce positive impacts upon the transportation industry in the following ways:

  • Increase road safety
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Optimize vehicular utilization
  • Increase truck productivity
  • Reduce freight costs

While these are laudable claims, one claim that might be suspect is that road safety will be increased. Many are skeptical of autonomously driving vehicles, speculating that without a driver to operate the vehicle, the technology that allows a truck to drive independently may not measure up to be as safe as having a person behind that wheel. 

Risks & Concerns of Self-Driving Trucks

In the news, there have been numerous high-profile stories about driverless vehicles getting into accidents, such as a self-driving Uber car that struck and killed a pedestrian. Concerns like this also apply to autonomously driving 18-wheelers. The following are some concerns and risks commonly put forth about this technological advancement:

  • Glitches in the software or a malfunction in the programming could impede the vehicle’s ability to operate safely on the road and put other drivers at risk
  • Sensors and cameras have not demonstrated that they are suited to adjust well to inclement weather
  • Circumstances such as when a truck has to respond to a police officer directing traffic or any other instance where unorthodox driving patterns are presented that may not compute with the vehicle's driving system
  • The potential for hackers to take control of the system
  • The failure of these vehicles to react to poor driving by other drivers on the road, such as not being able to react to things like land changes and swerving vehicles
  • The risks of a vehicle going through a construction zone which generally requires human awareness to traverse

How Can Our Forsyth County Truck Accident Lawyers Assist?

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