How Can a Drone Help Your PI Case?

We all seem to have a childlike fascination with drones, but most of us haven’t given much thought to how they might be useful in personal injury cases. There is, however, considerable promise in such usage – not least of all for the quality and breadth of the images they capture. In the process, drones are also being used to help keep our roads safer.

The longer it takes to clear an accident scene, the more dangerous the situation. The more time it takes for police officers to assess the scene, secure the site, and clear it so that traffic can continue flowing safely, the greater the chance that a dangerous secondary accident will happen. If another motorist leaves you injured in a traffic accident, obtain the professional legal guidance you need from an experienced Georgia personal injury attorney.

Crashes on Our Roads

It’s no surprise that traffic accidents happen far too often. In fact, researchers at Purdue University compiled statistics from multiple government agencies and shared the following:

  • Traffic accidents seriously slow the flow of traffic, and when this happens, the risk of even-more dangerous accidents happening in their wake increases significantly.
  • During the period when officers are assessing and documenting a crash site, the chance that a secondary accident will happen is 24 times greater.
  • There were 3 million traffic-accident related injuries and more than 37,000 fatalities in 2016 alone.

Those motorists who are near the rear of a traffic-accident bottleneck are obviously most vulnerable to oncoming traffic. Negligent motorists who fail to keep a lookout and pay attention to the traffic and the road ahead are most likely to cause these dangerous secondary crashes. Officials have witnessed promising results in those instances that drone technology is used to help accelerate the accident-investigation process (and to help document the causation of personal injury claims).

The Technological Contributions

When drones are sent in to do the early investigating for traffic accidents, all of the following happen:

  • The drones capture photographic images and/or videos that assess the positions of the vehicles involved, the overall logistics of the crash, and the space’s infrastructure (how much space is available to clear obstacles out of the way, for example).
  • The drones travel according to a pre-programmed grid pattern that allows them to capture a precise overall perspective by shooting in short intervals and capturing approximately 100 shots with each burst.
  • The data grabbed by the drones can be used to make safe, efficient decisions about clearing the road and can also be combined with photos taken at the accident scene to make 3D replicas that can dramatically enhance the veracity of a complicated personal injury claim.

Don’t Delay Consulting with an Experienced Georgia Personal Injury Attorney

Accident and injury cases may be exceedingly complicated, but emerging technology, such as 3D models based on drone footage, can help. The dedicated Cumming personal injury attorneys at Banks, Stubbs & McFarland are committed to building your tightest case in pursuit of its most favorable resolution. Your case is important, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 770-887-1209 for more information today.