How does a family law attorney help you?

Family courts in Georgia oversee a wide range of legal matters involving your marriage, children, and other family concerns. These cases can affect your finances, relationships, and future in general, so there is always a lot at stake. It is important to take family law issues seriously and always seek legal representation.

Without the right legal support, you risk an unfavorable outcome or having your rights violated. Always seek a consultation with a Georgia family attorney as soon as you suspect you might have a case. The following are only some of the many ways the right attorney can benefit you and your family.

Advising What to Expect

Facing divorce or a child custody case can be stressful - often because you do not know what lies ahead. Will you have to go to court? Can your ex take everything from you? How much will the process cost?

When you consult with a family lawyer, they will listen to your circumstances and assess your best options. They can advise you on what you might expect from the process ahead and what outcome you deserve, given your situation. This alone can be invaluable assistance, as it can ease the stress of the unknown.

Further, you know you are proceeding with your case with a skilled advocate handling the legal process.

Applying Georgia Family Laws

Many people have an idea of how family law works, but in reality, the family-related laws and procedures in Georgia are quite complicated. It is extremely difficult to not only understand all the various relevant laws, but also apply them to your situation and identify your legal rights.

An experienced lawyer can:

  • Ensure you meet all the requirements for a Georgia divorce
  • Help you choose the proper grounds for divorce
  • Identify your property rights
  • Identify your parental rights
  • Determine whether financial support should play a role in your case and ensure any awarded support is fair under the law

Too many people agree to terms that do not uphold their rights because they did not have the proper legal guidance.

Resolve Your Case as Efficiently as Possible

Contrary to cases we regularly see in media and entertainment, not all family law cases require dramatic courtroom battles. In fact, many parties never have to go to court at all. Your family lawyer can evaluate the most efficient options to resolve your case out of court whenever possible.

These might include:

  • Negotiation - Your lawyer should be a skilled family law negotiator. They can identify your goals in the case and work with the other party’s attorney to try to reach middle ground through informal negotiation.
  • Mediation - You and your spouse might benefit from attending mediation sessions, which often facilitate cooperation and agreement out of court. Your lawyer provides valuable guidance and advice during this process.

A Georgia Family Lawyer Ready to Help

Overall, our family law attorneys can give you an idea what to expect in your case, protect your rights under the law, and find the most efficient resolution to save you stress and resources. Banks, Stubbs & McFarland is ready to assist you, so please contact us for a consultation.