Motorcycle Accidents Differ from Car Crash Claims

Motorcycle accidents, in general, tend to be even more serious than other kinds of traffic accidents. When you are on your bike, you have no physical barrier to protect you from the impact and dangerous effects of an accident, which leaves you especially vulnerable to injuries, including burn injuries from battery acids. If someone else’s negligence causes you to be injured by motorcycle acids in an accident, don’t wait to consult with an experienced Forsyth County motorcycle accident attorney.

The Mechanics of Motorcycle Accidents

The mechanics of motorcycle accidents are typically somewhat different than those of car accidents. If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident, you will almost certainly fall over on your bike or fly off of your bike in the course of the accident. Because your bike is also likely to be damaged in the accident, you are vulnerable not only to the impact of the accident but also to any battery acid spills. If you’re seriously injured and can’t quickly move out of the spill, you will likely experience even more serious consequences. Because of the protective shell that a car’s body offers, the occupants of passenger cars are rarely subjected to this type of danger. 

Battery Acids and Chemical Burns

The acids in a motorcycle’s battery are especially caustic and can quickly lead to serious chemical burns. The physical signs and symptoms of chemical burns include all of the following:

  • Skin that is blackened or dead in the affected area
  • Skin that is irritated and/or red in the affected
  • Numbness or pain (including burning) in the affected area
  • Breathing complications (when the acids are inhaled)
  • Blindness or changes in one’s vision (if the acids come into contact with one’s eyes)

Chemical burns are exceptionally dangerous, and they can disfigure their victims. This can be particularly traumatizing if scarring and disfigurement happen on or near a victim’s face.

Factors that Can Exacerbate the Danger

Motorcycle accidents are such that they can exacerbate the danger of acid spills. All of the following can make accidents involving motorcycle acids that much more serious:

  • If the accident leaves you directly exposed to the acid for a longer period of time, your injuries are likely to be far more serious. Because motorcycle accidents often leave their victims incapacitated, you can face considerable exposure.
  • The inhalation of battery acid fumes can be just as dangerous as the burns they cause, and a motorcycle accident can leave you directly exposed to these dangerous fumes.
  • The serious cuts and abrasions common to motorcycle accidents provides battery acids with an entryway by which they can do even more damage.

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