How Often Do Dump Truck Accidents Happen? 

Driving directly behind a dump truck causes some drivers genuine anxiety, and there's a valid reason for their concern. It's common for Georgia roadways to have many dump trucks carrying dangerous loads at any given time. Although they are necessary at construction sites, their substantial size is enough to cause motorist or passenger concern when driving in their vicinity.

The National Institutes of Health reports that more than 800 construction workers were killed by dump trucks over a 15-year period. Of those who lost their lives, 336 were vehicle operators. Street and highway accidents resulted in 215 of them. Over 300 reported dump truck deaths were related to pedestrian workers run over or caught between the dump truck frame and the truck bed. Dump truck accidents involving injuries rose 2.7%, to 5,483, in 2016, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA). However, these statistics don't begin to cover the number of innocent drivers and passengers who have been severely injured or even killed in dump truck accidents on public roads and highways. An experienced Gainesville dump truck accident attorney can help if you or a loved one were recently injured in such an accident.

Dump Truck Accidents on the Rise in Georgia

Dump truck accidents are on the rise in Georgia. Recently, in Forsyth County, Banks and Stubbs was retained by an individual who was involved in a 6-vehicle accident on 400 caused by a dump truck. The dump truck driver was charged with DUI and caused serious injuries for drivers which he hit. The driver also had 2 prior DUIs also.

Banks and Stubbs is also handling another death case where a Dawson County teacher was charged with vehicular homicide. The investigators later found that dump truck driver was driving 30 MPH (under minimum speed of 40), that he had concreate dust covering rear lights, and that he had no functioning lights on side of dump truck, and that a headlight was blown.

What Causes Dump Truck Accidents?

Many dump truck characteristics and their operators make them more hazardous than other vehicles traveling on Georgia's roads, including:

Size: Dump trucks are both heavy and tall, which creates conditions ideal for rollover accidents. If slippery surfaces or uneven roads are present, the risk of accidents increases. If a rollover occurs, motorists could be impacted by the dump truck and also by its load.

Loads: It's common for dump trucks to transport soil, rocks, and other loose debris, which can weigh tons. Their load might spill out onto a vehicle during a rollover, causing the driver and passengers to be trapped inside. Debris may also crack or break windshields or cause an accident for an innocent and unsuspecting motorist.

Time constraints: Dump truck drivers often face serious time crunches. Their employer's imposed deadlines and restrictions could lead them to drive at dangerously high speeds or overlook operating standards. Doing so can also lead to a rollover, making dump trucks even more dangerous for everyone sharing the road with them.

Required maintenance: Dump truck owners must maintain their fleet reasonably, adhering to both federal and state laws. The Motor Carrier Compliance Division of the Georgia Department of Public Safety maintains rules and regulations governing the actions of dump truck owners and operators. Ignoring the safety rules and regulations can lead to accidents, severe injuries, and fatalities.

Contact a Seasoned Gainesville Dump Truck Accident Lawyer for Help

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