How to Report Suspected Nursing Home Abuse in Georgia

As heinous as it sounds, the abuse of elderly and disabled adults in nursing homes still happens - often undetected and unreported. It’s intentional and ranges from physical harm and emotional distress. Worse still, its innocent victims suffer at the hands of those employed and legally mandated to care for them.

Fortunately, you can do something to defend the rights of your loved ones in nursing homes. The law allows you to report all such abusive practices to secure justice for the victims. You can also discuss legal action against the nursing home with an experienced Forsyth County nursing home injury attorney. This discussion focuses on how to report nursing home abuse.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Abuse in nursing homes comes in various forms. Let’s look at some of its leading types before proceeding.

  • Physical - Bodily abuse occurs when a worker uses brute force to injure a victim. Such abuse may cause the victims pain and discomfort. They may also abuse them by denying them primary services like food, drink, and even medication.
  • Emotional - Caregivers can harass, insult, intimidate, isolate, or even threaten their victims. Consequently, they may diminish a resident’s self-worth and human dignity.
  • Sexual - Nursing home residents also suffer sexual abuse. Examples may include rape or attempted rape or any unwelcome sexual advances towards a person.
  • Financial abuse or exploitation - It occurs when a nursing home abuses and misappropriates funds intended to benefit residents. It also happens when perpetrators collude to divert elders’ funds, such as pension and other government checks.
  • Neglect - Nursing home workers can also abuse their victims by deliberately neglecting their duties towards them. This neglect becomes abuse when it physically or emotionally harms a victim. A common example is failure to turn a patient who is not mobile resulting in bed sores. Such pressure wounds can be deadly. 

Reporting Suspected Nursing Home Abuse

So, what happens if you believe a nursing home resident who you know has been the victim of abuse in a long-term care facility? How can you be a part of the solution? Here is how to report nursing home abuse in Georgia.

  • Since all abuse is local, start at the grassroots by reporting the perpetrators to their immediate supervisors, like nursing home managers or directors.
  • If the abuse exposes your loved one to possible sexual abuse like rape or physical assault, report the matter to the police immediately before further harm happens.

It’s also critical to report all of these matters to one to the following authorities.

  • Adult Protective Services - You may report elder abuse online through Adult Protective Services’ website. Alternatively, call toll-free at 1-866-55 AGING.
  • The State Long-Term Care Ombudsman by calling 866-522-4464.
  • The State of Georgia Department of Community Health by dialing 800-878-6442.

Reporting the abuse may stir up investigations into the matter. Therefore, warn your loved one against possible retribution and always speak to a personal injury attorney about the abuse and they will help guide your steps. 

Getting Legal Help from a Cumming Nursing Home Injury Lawyer

When abuse causes injuries to your loved one, it’s important to get a nursing home injury attorney in Cumming and Forsyth County, GA, to represent them. Call our legal team today at 770-887-1209 or contact us online to secure justice for your loved one.