Is it Helpful to Have a Witness in a Car Accident Case?

Yes. While having witness testimony is not a requirement when filing a car accident claim, it can be immensely helpful to prove fault or liability as well as the injured party’s damages. If you have sustained injuries in a car crash due to another person or entity’s negligence, you’ll need strong evidence of their negligence and the losses you incurred to successfully secure full compensation through an insurance or personal injury claim.

When you work with a Cumming car accident attorney right after the crash, they can gather all the evidence you need to build your case. One of the most essential pieces of evidence are statements from people who witnessed the crash.

What Types of Witnesses Do I Need for My Case?

After a serious car accident, it’s vital for everyone involved to resolve the case fairly by recovering for all losses. In reality, however, without a reputable personal injury lawyer, injured parties usually have a difficult time recovering complete compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurer. It’s common for insurers and their team of adjusters to prioritize their profits over and attempt to avoid paying out fair compensation to injured claimants.

Receiving the compensation you’re legally entitled to usually revolves around collecting enough evidence to prove the at-fault driver’s liability and the extent of your injuries. Among the best ways to do this is through witness statements. After an accident, there may be different kinds of witnesses you can turn to, such as:

  • Bystanders, pedestrians, other drivers, passengers, and anyone else that witnessed the crash – These people can give testimony to help determine how the crash happened and who or what may have caused it. Speaking to these people as quickly as possible after the crash can help make sure that their memories are fresh when discussing what they witnessed. In some cases, some of them may even have a video recording of the crash from their vehicles, cell phones, or surveillance video from a nearby business.
  • Expert witnesses – Expert witnesses can help establish specific facts through the evidence which show what caused the crash and how it affected the injured party. For instance, accident reconstruction experts can evaluate the accident scene and other evidence to determine the cause of the crash. Likewise, medical experts can give valuable testimony that links the crash and the injuries you sustained.
  • Law enforcement officers – Your Cumming car accident attorney will send an open records act request to the officers that responded to the accident scene to get their witness statements, police reports, dash cam, and body cam footage, and other evidence that can corroborate your claim.
  • Your family and friends – When seeking damages for pain and suffering due to the negative effect that the injuries have had on your daily life, statements from “before and after witnesses” - family and close friends - can help prove how the accident has limited, impacted, and caused you to suffer through your daily life.

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