Negligent Dump Truck Drivers

When you think of truck crashes, you might first imagine a semi-truck hitting a smaller car. However, we regularly share the road with large dump trucks, which can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when fully loaded. When dump truck drivers are negligent, they often cause devastating crashes, often leading to liability of the driver and their employer.

Our truck accident attorneys at Banks, Stubbs & McFarland recently handled a truck accident claim involving a dump truck driver who caused very serious injuries due to extremely egregious conduct. If you suffer injuries in a dump truck accident, we’re also ready to help you.

Deeply Distressing Dump Truck Crash in Forsyth County

Our client was sitting in traffic on Highway 400 Northbound in Cumming when he was suddenly the victim of a six-vehicle pileup due to a dump truck driver. In the minutes leading up to the crash, many people had reported erratic and dangerous driving of the dump truck to 911, yet the crash happened before authorities could respond.

Our attorneys made an Open Records Act Request with the district attorney’s office and found a treasure trove of information including video capturing the actual crash. The truck driver reportedly did not stop before approaching rush hour traffic and did not hit the brakes until 100 feet after the initial collision happened. Authorities arrested the dump truck driver on suspicion of impaired driving, and the truck driver was later determined to have various narcotic drugs in his system, including fentanyl and methamphetamine. The driver admitted to police that he used heroin in the truck before the accident. Records from the driver’s employer showed 8 separate driving violations in the 20 days leading up to the crash.

While the dump truck driver was convicted of DUI Drugs and Serious Injury by Vehicle and went to prison, our client began his long journey of treatment for his severe back, neck, and spine injuries. These injuries required multiple injections, surgeries, physical therapy, and other treatments. The client has significant medical bills and pain and suffering. We recently submitted a multi-million-dollar demand of the insurance company for the dump truck driver’s employer.

Handling Serious Truck Accident Cases

Truck accidents - including dump truck accidents - can lead to particularly complicated injury cases for various reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • Many victims may suffer catastrophic injuries and incur high-value losses due to the devastating nature of many truck crashes
  • Multiple parties might be liable, including truck drivers, employers, and insurance companies
  • Negligence might involve not only state traffic violations but also federal motor carrier trucking regulations
  • Punitive damages might be warranted, such as in the above situation where a dump truck driver was driving while highly intoxicated on illegal drugs

No matter what complex issues apply to your truck accident case, our team has the experience and resources to protect your rights. Time is of the essence in these cases to preserve evidence that trucking companies might possess, so do not hesitate to speak with our legal team about a possible case.

Discuss Your Injuries with Our Georgia Truck Accident Lawyers

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