What if Both Parents Want to Change the Custody Agreement?

When a family court issues a child custody order, it is based on the circumstances of the child and parents at that time. We all know that things change over the years, especially as children get older and their lives evolve. If you experienced a substantial change in circumstances, you might need to modify your child custody order.

To modify a child custody agreement, it's essential to follow legal processes, as the court must approve a modification. Consulting with a Forsyth County custody attorney can help navigate the legal requirements and ensure that any modifications are conducted appropriately and according to the relevant laws and regulations.

When the Parents Agree

Sometimes, one parent might want a custody modification and the other parent opposes it. This can lead to a court case where a parent requests the family judge to modify their custody order. This can lead to contentious litigation, and both parents should have legal representation.

On the other hand, both parents may mutually agree that a modification is in the best interest of the child due to changing circumstances. In this case, you should never simply change your schedule without meeting the legal formalities. Contact a custody attorney who can draft the proposed modifications and present them to the family court. Once the court approves, the judge can issue a modified custody order.

Common Reasons to Modify a Custody Agreement

Child custody agreements may need modification due to various circumstances. Some common reasons parents might modify a child custody agreement include changes in:

  • Parental relocation - If one parent needs to relocate due to work, family, or personal reasons, it can impact the existing custody arrangement. A modification may be necessary to accommodate the new geographic situation.
  • Child's needs - As children grow and their needs evolve, adjustments in custody arrangements might be needed to ensure their best interests are met.
  • Parent's schedule - Changes in work schedules, job responsibilities, or shifts can affect a parent's ability to fulfill their custody obligations as initially agreed.
  • Child's preferences - As children get older, courts may consider their preferences regarding custody arrangements, which might warrant a modification if their preferences differ from the original agreement.
  • Parent's health - A parent's physical or mental health changes can impact their ability to provide adequate care, necessitating a modification of custody arrangements.
  • New partners or blended families - The introduction of new partners or the formation of blended families can affect the dynamics and relationships within the custody arrangement.
  • School or extracurricular activities - Changes in a child's school or participation in extracurricular activities might necessitate modifications in custody arrangements to accommodate their schedule.

No matter what the reason might be for your modification, you must follow the proper procedures and have the right legal guidance.

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