What Should I Take Photos of After Someone Hits Me?

If another driver hits your vehicle, you must prove that the driver’s actions resulted in your injuries in order to make a successful claim against their insurance company. Keep in mind that the authorities will usually clean up car accident scenes as soon as possible. The cars involved may be moved or towed away, and debris will be swept up to prevent congestion in the affected area.

Photos are among the most valuable pieces of evidence depicting the accident scene since they capture the vehicles’ positions, the damage to all of the vehicles, and the physical evidence from the scene, and other information crucial to the crash. The photos you take can give irrefutable proof of the severity and location of impact, and other clues to the cause of the crash, such as traffic signs, skid marks, the weather, and road conditions, among others. Put simply, photos of the following can significantly increase the strength and validity of your car accident claim.

Vehicle Damage

This includes damage to your vehicle and the vehicle of the driver that hit you. Vehicle damage photos help determine the extent of the damage and establish who hit which vehicle and how. A picture is worth 1,000 words!

The Location and Conditions of The Crash

If weather conditions, such as rain, or road conditions, like potholes, played a role in the crash, snap pictures of those. If the driver alleged that they hit your vehicle because they swerved to avoid an obstacle, such as fallen cargo, construction debris, or a deep pothole, take pictures of those too. If you see debris or skid marks on the road, snap photos of these as well. Make sure to take photos of any traffic lights or businesses in the area because they might have captured the car accident.

The Injuries You Suffered

Some people forget to take photos of their visible injuries but having proof of your injuries is immensely vital to your claim. As you are seeking medical treatment for your injuries, you should also take pictures of your injuries while recovering. Bruises can look much different from one day to another.

Insurance Details, Driver’s License, and License Plate

If you’ve exchanged license and insurance information with the other driver, take photos if possible. You should likewise take a picture of the other driver’s license plate.

Make sure to take pictures from as many angles as possible and ensure that you save them properly. If the accident happened at night, remember to turn on the flash or adjust the camera settings to ensure that your photos are well-lit. After reviewing your photos, make sure they are clear and retake some images if needed. Next, print them out or save them on your computer or other safe storage devices for your attorney.

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