What Should You Gather at The Scene of an Accident?

Your health and safety are your main priorities following a car accident, so after calling 911 and making sure that you can move safely, you should gather information at the accident scene. You can use the information you collect as evidence when you bring your claim against the party that caused the accident and your injuries.

You Should Collect This Information at The Accident Scene

If you are injured and had to go to the hospital right away when emergency medical help arrived, have someone else to gather the following information. Otherwise, make sure to collect:

  • The other party’s name, contact information, insurance company and policy number, and vehicle registration.
  • The color, model, and make of all vehicles involved.
  • Photos or videos of the damage to all vehicles and your injuries.
  • Videos or photos of the weather and road conditions, potholes, and anything that may have contributed to the accident.
  • The testimonies and contact information of anyone who might have witnessed the accident.
  • Videos or photographs of any nearby signs or road markings that may demonstrate negligence of the at fault driver, including pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, speed limit signs, etc.

What Other Pieces of Evidence Can I Use to Support My Case?

Aside from the evidence you collect from the accident scene, you should also gather the following evidence to properly document your claim:

  • The police report.
  • Video footage from nearby surveillance systems or dash cam footage from police and other vehicles.
  • Your medical records. These will serve as vital evidence that you sought treatment for your injuries and show the extent, nature, and severity of your condition after the accident.
  • All the receipts of out-of-pocket costs you incurred due to your injuries, such as your medical bills, prescription medications, and travel costs to go to doctor appointments.
  • A record of your injuries, such as pictures and videos of your symptoms and how they affect your daily life.
  • Pay stubs dated three months or more before the accident and the time you did not go to work to show your lost wages.

Make sure to keep all the documentation and records related to the accident and your injuries. Gathering and preserving as much evidence as possible can ensure that the adjuster has all of the information necessary to ensure that you will be made whole for all of your losses. Without complete documentation, you may not recoup all of your losses.

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