Why You Should Take a Social Media Break After an Accident and Injuries

Every experienced personal injury lawyer will advise clients to stay off social media following their injuries. This does not only apply to discussing the incident or injuries in question, as taking a complete hiatus is the wisest move. Recently, a high-profile injury trial involving celebrity Gwyneth Paltrow demonstrated how social media can derail an injury case.

Below is some additional information about how social media can derail against your claim. Following a serious injury, you should always seek immediate advice regarding what to do or NOT to do from a Georgia personal injury attorney.

Social Media Lessons from the Gwyneth Paltrow Ski Accident Case

The plaintiff who filed an injury lawsuit against Gwyneth Paltrow claimed he suffered a concussion (among other injuries) in a ski collision with Paltrow and that he was “never the same afterward.” He claimed his injuries had plagued every aspect of his life.

However, during the trial, Paltrow’s attorney presented significant evidence from the plaintiff’s social media accounts in her defense, specifically to show his injuries were not as he claimed. Since the accident, there were posts and photos of the plaintiff:

  • Hiking with his girlfriend on multiple occasions
  • Exploring the woods and seeing wildlife
  • Scuba diving
  • Traveling to Germany, the Netherlands, and Morocco
  • Going to the shooting range
  • Attending a BMX bike show
  • Taking bus tours
  • Attending rock shows
  • Taking more ski vacations
  • Hanging out and drinking with friends
  • Doing Zumba

In all these photos displaying his amazing and active life, the plaintiff is seen smiling and enjoying himself. The defense attorney used this social media evidence to demonstrate the plaintiff’s injuries did not affect his life. The jury found that Paltrow was not liable for any injuries and awarded her the $1 she requested symbolically in her counterclaim.

A Lawyer Can Advise You to Refrain from Certain Activities After Your Injury

There are many things injury victims can do to jeopardize their claims without even realizing it. In addition to social media activity, some other things to avoid include:

  • Speaking about the accident or injuries with insurance companies (even their own) or giving a recorded statement
  • Not following through with all medical treatment as recommended
  • Saying anything like “I’m sorry” or “I feel fine” that might indicate fault on their part or minimize their injuries
  • Accepting any type of settlement without first having legal counsel

There are very real dangers for injury victims who try to handle the process alone. After you receive initial medical attention for your injuries and receive a diagnosis, your very next step should be consulting with a personal injury lawyer. We can immediately begin advising you against things that might affect the outcome of your claim.

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