Dating Violence Protective Order Lawyers

Statistics indicate that one in three women and one in four men will experience some form of abuse by an intimate partner in their lives. Dating violence can take different forms, but they all put your safety and mental well-being at risk. If you were the victim of dating violence, the law in Georgia now provides protections for you, even if you never lived with your abuser. You should not wait to contact a Forsyth County family attorney for help with a possible protective order. 

What is Dating Violence?

Many people date their partners without living together, and violence can happen at any time, no matter whether you live together or not. There are different forms of violence that can occur between current or former dating partners, including:

All of these acts are criminal in Georgia, and calling the police is the first step you should take to protect yourself. The criminal justice system cannot put a protective order into place, however, and you must take this step on your own for full legal protection.

Protections for Dating Partners

Previously, Georgia only provided temporary protective orders for family violence, but as of 2021, the law provides this option for dating partners, as well. If your dating partner engages in any type of violence or abuse, you should immediately contact our legal team so we can begin the process of obtaining a temporary protective order for you.

A temporary order does not physically restrain your abuser from coming near you, but it does put in place legal consequences if they violate the terms of the order. The order might require them to avoid any contact with you or your children, prohibit them from owning a weapon, and more. Once a temporary order is in place, the court will schedule a hearing if you decide to pursue a long-term protective order. Our attorneys can help with this legal process, as well.

Violating a protective order can result in additional criminal charges against your abuser, so many partners will honor the terms of an order. Obtaining this order is essential to have as much legal protection as possible from future dating violence and potential injuries. Let us help you take the necessary action in this stressful - and often frightening - situation.

Let Our Compassionate Forsyth County Family Lawyers Help

The legal team of Banks, Stubbs & McFarland, LLP, is dedicated to helping victims of dating violence throughout Forsyth County. If you are a victim, call the police, and then speak with our Forsyth County family law attorneys. Contact us online or call 770-887-1209 to learn how we can help protect you as soon as possible.