Forsyth County and Cumming Domestic Abuse Attorneys

Domestic abuse is an important issue that must always be taken seriously. All domestic abuse can quickly escalate into something that is dangerously out of control. If you are in a living situation in which you are being threatened, stalked, or physically abused, it’s time to get the help that you need – hoping that it will get better or disappear entirely is not a plan, and this approach can leave you in serious danger. If you are the victim of domestic abuse, you need the professional legal counsel of an experienced Georgia restraining order lawyer on your side.

If You Are in Danger

Both the courts and the authorities throughout the State of Georgia take allegations of domestic abuse extremely seriously. Not to do so is simply too risky. It is critical to seek immediate legal guidance If any of the following apply to you and your situation:

Don’t wait until you are in a life-threatening situation; seek the help you need now.

The Two Types of Protective Orders

In the State of Georgia, there are two types of family violence protective orders.

Temporary Ex Parte Order

A temporary ex parte order is intended to protect you from the person who is endangering you until the court can hold a hearing on the matter. A hearing is required before you can obtain a long-term family violence protective order, which makes a temporary ex parte order a good option in the interim. A temporary ex parte order can be issued without a court hearing and without the prior knowledge of your abuser. These important temporary orders can last up to 30 days – or until the date of the court hearing.

Family Violence Protective Order

A family violence protective order offers longer-term protections, but to obtain one you’ll need a court hearing in which both you and your abuser are present and in which you both present your side of the matter – along with any corroborating evidence – to the court. Once you obtain a family violence protective order, it will last for up to one year, but the terms can be extended for up to three years, which is referred to as a permanent order.

Discuss Your Concerns with an Experienced Georgia Restraining Order Lawyer

If you need a restraining order, you’re in a very difficult situation, but the compassionate restraining order lawyers at Banks, Stubbs & McFarland help clients in Forsyth County and Cumming, and we recognize the dire nature of your position and are committed to defending your rights – in protection of your safety – from the outset. To learn more, please don’t wait to contact or call us at 770-887-1209 today.