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If you are facing DUI charges, a skilled DUI attorney is your best chance to avoid possible jail time, heavy fines or suspension of your driver’s license.

Call us immediately at 770-887-1209 if you’ve been arrested for DUI. You have just 30 days to request an administrative license suspension (ALS) hearing because of Georgia’s 30-Day Rule. If you miss this deadline, you face a minimum one-year driver’s license suspension with no work permit!

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Best DUI attorney ever! Mr. McFarland provided me excellent customer service by keeping me informed and educated The entire process. In the end it was his deep knowledge and experience in these cases that allowed me to achieve the outcome I desired.

-A client

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You need an aggressive DUI defense lawyer to protect your rights

You should also speak to a criminal DUI defense lawyer immediately if one of the following factors applies to your drunk driving arrest:

  • Blood alcohol content level of .08 or higher after a breath test
  • Breath test refusal
  • Driver arrested is under 21 with a test result of .02 or higher
  • Professional driver/commercial driver’s license holder with a BAC level of .04 or higher
  • Uncertainty over blood alcohol test level

Our DUI attorneys, Rafe Banks and Parker McFarland, work hard to investigate your DUI charges, challenge police evidence and put you back on the road, so you can continue to get to work and provide for your family. They are familiar with the many things that can go wrong with your traffic stop and arrest -- and how erratic driving can be mistaken for drunk driving by police seeking “probable cause” to arrest you.

Our experienced DUI lawyers will also protect your rights after an arrest by looking for a DUI defense that will help prove your innocence. Possible DUI defenses include pre-existing medical condition, such as an allergy, along with inclement weather and hazardous driving conditions. These factors can distort law enforcement’s claim that you needed to be apprehended. With your motor vehicle or a dangerous, poorly maintained roadway could also have caused police to stop you and put your driving privileges at risk.

Our aggressive DUI attorneys will work hard to uncover holes in the State’s case against you if you have been arrested for drunk driving in Forsyth County and the surrounding areas. We arm you with the facts and legal options that you should be aware of.

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I used Mr. Banks for a DUI case, that got a Not Guilty. Things couldn't have worked out better for me. His legal assistant, Mrs. Moore, kept me up to date and answered all my questions. Mr. Banks spoke highly of his partners and mentioned that Mr. Stubbs had even been before the US Supreme Court. Each lawyer has a few areas they specialize in, so they can handle almost any form of litigation. All I can tell you is Mr. Banks helped get me out of a jam. I know i'd recommend his firm.


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DUI Penalties in Georgia

The more DUI convictions you have, the more severe the punishment. Refer to the following chart for a quick overview of some of the penalties for multiple DUI drugs convictions within a 10 year period.
Penalty 1st DUI Offense 2nd DUI Offense 3rd DUI Offense 4th DUI Offense
Jail Sentence 10 days - Up to 12 months1 90 days - Up to 12 months2 120 days - Up to 12 months3 1 year - Up to 5 years
Probation 12 months or more 12 months or more 12 months or more Up to 60 months
Fines $300 - $1,000
plus additional fees
$600 - $1,000
plus additional fees
$1,000 - $5,000
plus additional fees
$1,000 - $5,000
plus additional fees

1 The judge has discretion to suspend all but 24 hours of the sentence to be served.
2 The judge has discretion to suspend all but 72 hours of the sentence to be served.
3 The judge has the discretion to suspend all but 15 days of the sentence to be served.

The chart above only includes three categories of penalties for DUI offenses. Additional penalties such as ignition interlock devices, community service hours, license suspensions and other consequences also increase by your number of offenses. Whether you have been arrested for a first DUI or a seventh, you need the legal team of Banks, Stubbs and McFarland to aggressively defend you and work tirelessly to prevent the devastating effects of a DUI conviction.

Don’t let a DUI charge ruin your permanent criminal record. Call 770-887-1209 today to schedule a free consultation with one of our top criminal defense attorneys.

Experienced DUI lawyers who protect your rights after a DUI arrest

You can depend on our criminal defense attorneys for aggressive protection of your rights if you have been arrested for drunk driving in Forsyth County and surrounding areas. We arm you with the facts and legal options that you should be aware of.

Contact Banks, Stubbs & McFarland LLP to arrange your free initial consultation with a top DUI defense attorney. We can meet with you at the police station or jail after an arrest. Call 770-887-1209 or use our contact form below.