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In Georgia, a restraining order, more commonly known as a temporary protective order or TPO, restricts contact between individuals. TPOs are typically issued by a judge without a full hearing and based only on an accuser’s claims. If a TPO is violated, the individual who has a TPO against him or her could go to jail.

If your spouse or partner accused you of domestic violence, you can be removed from your home and ordered not to have contact with the other party or with any of your shared children. Additionally, you will be required to wait approximately 10 days to present your side of the story.

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People who have been accused of violating a temporary protective order in North Georgia need skilled defense representation behind them as soon as possible, in order to avoid conviction and a number of harsh, life-changing punishments.

The skilled lawyers of Banks, Stubbs & McFarland LLP serve a broad range of criminal defense and family law clients in Cumming, Forsyth County and surrounding areas.

When those two major practice areas intersect, as in family violence and restraining order situations, Banks, Stubbs & McFarland has more than 200 years of combined experience with in-depth investigating, negotiating and aggressive litigating for those we represent. We offer attentive personal service to you and your loved ones throughout the legal process.

A number of burdens are placed upon a defendant in TPO legal matters. At Banks, Stubbs & McFarland LLP, we can assist you in requesting or contesting a TPO when it precedes or accompanies a legal separation or divorce, or potentially impacts a post-judgment modification, contempt or child custody action.

Timing is essential in challenging a TPO. Inaction could put you at risk for a permanent protective order. Meanwhile, violating a TPO can result in your arrest for aggravated stalking, which carries no bond so that could release you from jail, unless approved by a Superior Court judge.

Banks, Stubbs & McFarland LLP lawyers provide the facts you need, and make you aware of your legal options, regarding TPOs, family violence TPOs, stalking TPOs, TPO violations and contempt, fabricated TPOs and domestic violence restraining orders. The sooner you contact us to arrange an initial consultation, the sooner we can begin protecting your rights.

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