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There are very few events that can impact your life, and one of these events is divorce. It can significantly impact your children, property, financial health, home, retirement, and how you move forward with your life after ending your marriage. Fortunately, the seasoned Dawsonville divorce lawyers of Banks, Stubbs & McFarland understand full well how challenging divorce can be and have the experience and resources to make the entire process as painless and easy as your circumstances allow.

Divorce Laws in Georgia You Should Know

Division of Assets

In Georgia, both spouses are given an equitable interest in the assets they accumulated when they were married. This means that marital assets don’t need to be evenly split between the spouses. Instead, judges will split the assets based on what’s considered fair for the couple based on specific factors, such as each spouse’s:

Child Custody Arrangements

Parents normally find determining child custody arrangements very emotional and contentious. But what you must remember is that, above everything else, judges will ensure that all custody orders and arrangements involving children will always be in the children’s best interests.

Child Support Agreements

In Georgia, the calculation for child support payments is based on the income shares principle. It works by establishing how much money is needed to care for the child and dividing the amount between the parents, considering each of their incomes. The custodial parent, the one who spends most of the time with the child, will be the one receiving child support.

Alimony Considerations

Permanent or temporary may be negotiated or awarded in a Georgia divorce. Judges do not use a predetermined formula for calculating alimony awards. Instead, they must consider:

What Our Dawsonville Divorce Lawyers Can Do For You

Divorce cases can drag on for many months. Our Dawsonville divorce lawyers know that the longer your case goes on, the more damage it can do to your emotional and financial health when you’re just trying to get on with your life. However, we also know that you can’t just rush negotiations with your spouse. It’s our goal to work on your case as efficiently as possible to secure a satisfying resolution for you.

Our Dawsonville divorce lawyers will take the time to learn what you need to get from your divorce settlement agreement and create a strategy to get it. Whether this means helping you handle your divorce issues through mediation or contesting these issues in court, we’re prepared to guide you through it all.

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