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Getting pulled over for a DUI can be a life-changing event and a wake-up call for many. For others, it’s a complicated hassle that can seem like an unending process to put behind you. There are always a lot of questions.

If you or a loved one has been charged, your first step is to contact an experienced DUI attorney. Our law firm has attorneys who used to prosecute DUIs and other criminal charges, so we understand exactly how your case will be handled.

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The DUI Litigation Process

Getting pulled over for a DUI may seem like a straightforward process, but it’s more complicated than most people realize. There’s what you, the defendant has to go through, and then there’s the process your DUI attorney needs to handle.

Trying to handle this process on your own is nothing more than a setup for failure, so don’t waste time if you’re arrested for DUI. Contact Banks, Stubbs & McFarland LLP immediately and ask for Phil Pilgrim.

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Fighting A DUI Charge

Many people believe that a DUI charge is a simple case- you were either impaired or not, but there are few cases that are that simple. There are a lot of complexities to every DUI case which means there are often effective and proven ways to successfully defend a DUI charge.

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Open Container Laws In Georgia

Did you know that it is illegal for the passenger of your vehicle to have an open container of alcohol? This is a result of open container laws and violating these laws can have strict consequences.

Learn more about Georgia’s Open Container Laws.

How To Hire A Lawyer

Whatever crime you’ve been charged with, the first step toward a successful defense is hiring the right lawyer. We’ve written some things we think are important to consider when looking for an attorney to handle your case.

Because Phil Pilgrim has worked as a prosecutor on thousands of DUI cases, he understands how your prosecutor will approach your case. Who better to defend you than a former prosecutor?

The charges you or your loved one are facing can have long-standing consequences. That’s why you want to understand what to look for when hiring a DUI lawyer. Learn more about how to hire a DUI lawyer.

Driver’s License Suspension In Georgia

When you refuse a field sobriety test after getting pulled over for a suspected DUI, the officer is required to begin an administrative suspension of your license. You have 30 days to start the process of getting your license reinstated or it will be suspended for a minimum of a year.

Go here to learn more about driver’s license suspensions

Reducing a DUI

Having a DUI on your record can affect many different areas of your life. That’s why we always explore the possibility of getting your DUI charged reduced to a lesser crime such as reckless driving. Contact Banks, Stubbs & McFarland LLP today to see if this is a possibility in your case.

Learn more about reducing a DUI charge.

Your Rights At DUI Checkpoints

If you get pulled over at a DUI checkpoint, do you know your rights? Did you know you are not legally required to answer any questions? This is only one of the points that you should keep in mind when dealing with law enforcement agencies at one of these checkpoints.

Find out more about your rights at these sobriety checkpoints.

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