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Adoption is not easy. There is no fast track process to expand a family overnight. The circumstances leading to adoption are sometimes painful. Done properly, however, adoption can be the most fulfilling experience of a person’s life. At Banks Stubbs and McFarland, we make it our mission to restore lives, assisting Georgia families expanding through adoption, as well as seeking to honor biological parents who are choosing adoption for their child. Adoption law is extremely intricate and requires a seasoned adoption lawyer to successfully navigate the adoption process.

We may accept cases in which adoption is contested and search for solutions that all sides can live with, despite disappointment.

Below is the complete list of all of the areas of adoption we provide counsel for:

It pleases us enormously to assist Georgia families in adding new members. We help with every kind of adoption and guardianship plan and are there for every step of the way. If you are considering adopting a child in the state of Georgia, call us today to start building your family.

How to Adopt a Child in Georgia

The adoption process is relatively straightforward, although it can be complicated. An adoption gives a child the same rights as a child born naturally into your family.

Some families may decide not to adopt because they believe they are unable to pass the requirements, but the qualifications to adopt are not as stiff as people may believe. In Georgia, the parent must be 25 or older. The parent should also be 10 years older than the child he or she wishes to have placed in your home. Married couples must also be at least 10 years older than the child to be adopted. Additionally, the parent(s) must reside in Georgia for at least six months before filing the adoption petition. There are additional steps that must be taken in specific types of adoptions, and our attorneys are prepared to navigate those with you.

Stepchild Adoption in Georgia

As a stepparent to a child without a father or a mother in his/her life, that stepparent may feel like he or she wants to take on that role and support the child he or she loves. When there for a child in everyday life, the legal responsibility to the child is different from the child’s biological parents.

For some people, the answer to this question of rights is seeking an adoption of the stepchild. Usually, stepchild adoption only occurs if the biological parent gives up his or her rights or is no longer living.

When adopting a stepchild, the parent gains the full financial and legal responsibilities that a biological parent has. Following adoption, the stepparent will be able to designate the child as a beneficiary to his/her estate, and has all rights associated with being a legal parent, including rights of custody. With custody, medical benefits or other kinds of benefits can be provided to the child, and the stepparent can also authorize medical care for the child in an emergency or other situation.

Georgia sometimes requires home studies as part of the stepchild adoption process. Our law firm provides counsel for all aspects of stepchild adoption so you are prepared and well-informed. Call today to best prepare for the adoption process.

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