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Our mission is to provide an affordable adoption alternative to families wishing to adopt by partnering with Crisis Pregnancy Centers and other like-minded non-profit organizations. Through those partnerships birth mothers can choose from our waiting families while also receiving the support they need through the pregnancy and adoption process.

About Affordable Adoption Georgia

Affordable Adoption Georgia was created because a family walked this journey just like you! Eric and Lauren adopted through an attorney in Florida who had a beautiful partnership with crisis pregnancy centers. Through these partnerships he has been able to bring over 200 adoptive families and birth families together. Eric and Lauren adopted for one fourth the cost of traditional adoption agencies and from that point forward they knew they needed to bring this opportunity to families in Georgia. Five years after their adoption, Affordable Adoption Georgia was brought to life.

Affordable Adoption Georgia provides an affordable adoption alternative to families wishing to adopt by partnering with Crisis Pregnancy Centers and other like-minded non-profit organizations. Please reach out to Lauren Tatum for more information on how we can help you!

Adoptive Family Next Steps:

  1. Adoption Family Interest Questionnaire
  2. Adoption Application
  3. Consultation
  4. Family Adoption Book
  5. Home Study
  6. Adoption Process Begins

Birth Mother/Father Next Steps:

  1. Consultation
  2. Birth Parent Application
  3. Review Family Adoption Books
  4. Meet Chosen Family
  5. Adoption Process Begins
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Frequently Asked Questions.

What makes AAG affordable?

  1. We are not paying exorbitant birth mother fees like a lot of agencies do. Agencies will pay a birth mother upwards of tens of thousands of dollars, which is why some birth moms choose that route. We are not required to pay exorbitant birth mother expenses under Georgia law and are making the choice to pay what is reasonable and necessary.
  2. Agencies will build in costs for an adoption to fail so that they already have reserve money to cover a new match. We do not build in that cost.

How long will we wait to be chosen?

The adoption process could take up to 2 years. The reason that this process can take longer than an agency is because we are finding birth mothers more organically through non-profit organizations and crisis pregnancy centers. Since we are not an agency we will not get as many birth mother referrals, but that is part of what makes this adoption more affordable than an agency. When you are working with an agency, they have a huge staff of employees and consultants working full-time to find choices. Therefore, part of what you give up by getting a more affordable adoption is that the process can take longer than going through a traditional agency.

If we get chosen by a birth parent, do I have to say yes?

No, you are not required to say yes if you get chosen. We understand that our adoptions can take longer than an agency and that life happens. We will have every birth parent choose their top 3 families in order of their preference. If, for whatever reason, the number one choice is no longer able to take a child at that time, we will move to their second choice and then lastly their third choice. If this happens, you can stay on our adoptive family list and wait to see if you are chosen again at a later date. There is no financial penalty in this situation nor is there any judgement or shame.

When is money due?

You will pay a $350 application fee. After that application fee, you will spend $100 or less to create and submit your family look book on Shutterfly or another online resource of your choice. Once that is complete, we are required by Georgia Law to have a home study on file prior to meeting with a birth mother and presenting her with adoptive family options. The home study will cost anywhere from $1,000-$1,900. That is the only money that you will pay upfront. After that, you will not owe any money until a choice has been made. Once a birth family has chosen you as their choice, the first retainer of $5,000 will be due. We will bill from that retainer each month and when your retainer goes under

$1,000 you will have to replenish it. You only pay fees as they are billed and any money remaining after the completion of the adoption will be refunded.

What is the cost of an adoption with Affordable Adoption Georgia?

The typical cost is between $14,000 - $20,000, depending on various factors. Examples of factors that can affect cost are whether the birth mother needs legal representation or other reasonable expenses; whether the father is known and willing to sign surrenders or not; and whether the birth mother needs specific support and/or counseling.

What if we no longer can adopt when we are chosen?

That is okay! Every birth mother will have to pick her top 3 families for this specific reason. If you have been waiting for 1-2 years and life circumstances have changed, it is okay to say that you can no longer adopt at that time. The only fee that you would lose is your application fee and home study fee.

Will I meet the birth mother / father?

After the birth parent(s) have chosen their top 3 families and a choice has been made, we will schedule a Zoom meeting or in-person meeting for the birth parents and adoptive family to meet. This step in the process is very important in confirming the adoption plan for the birth family, giving the birth parents reassurance that they have made the right decision, and that they feel comfortable with the adoption process. If, for some reason, the birth parents do not want to meet the adoptive parents, we will let you know.

Is this a closed or open adoption?

Most of our adoptions are semi-open or closed and only allow for a picture to be sent of the child once per year for the first 5 years. You will email that picture each year to your attorney and they will send that to the birth parents. You are not required to share the child’s name. We try to set this as a standard practice unless the birth parents request something otherwise. If there is a request for an open adoption, we will discuss that with you after a choice is made and help mediate a solution that is comfortable for both the adoptive family and the birth parent(s). However, we can do open adoptions as well if that is something you and the birth parents choose.

How long does a birth mom have to change her mind after we receive our child?

Under Georgia law, the birth parent(s) have FOUR (4) days after signing legal surrender of parental rights paperwork to change their mind. The birth father has THIRTY (30) days to respond to our notice, either via certified mail or in the newspaper if he did not sign surrenders prior to the birth or at the birth.

When do we get our child after birth?

We go to the hospital approximately 24 hours after the child has been born to meet with the birth parents, execute surrender of parental rights paperwork, and sign all hospital forms and verifications. After this process is complete, we will take possession of the baby and meet you in the hospital waiting room, unless the birth mother chooses to let you be present in the hospital room.

Does my home study expire?

Yes, after one year, at which time you will have to renew your home study. Renewing the home study is a much less complicated process than the original home study if you have not relocated during that time. Our goal is to get you a choice within one year so you do not have to renew your home study; however, that cannot be guaranteed. Depending on your preferences of the gender, race, etc. of the child you are wanting to adopt, the process could take longer. If you are still waiting after the one year mark, you will need to renew your home study. You can use the same home study specialist to do this, and they will have a lower rate for home study renewals. Per Georgia law, we cannot show your family profile to any birth parents without an up-to-date home study on file.

Will the birth parents know our name or address?

No! We do not want you to include your address or last name on your family profile book or within any of your documents shared with the birth parents. When you meet in person or via Zoom, we also advise for you not to share your last name or home location.

What happens if my adoption fails?

If, for some reason, the birth mother changes her mind within the Georgia law revocation period (four days after the parent legally surrenders his/her rights) or in the unlikely occurrence that the birth father responds to the notice or newspaper publication, you will be placed back into the pool of families to be given to birth families and will be given first priority.


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