Child Support Lawyers In Cumming, Georgia

If a disagreement over child support is holding up your divorce, the skilled family law attorneys of Banks, Stubbs & McFarland LLP can help you find solutions you can live with — and that fully recognize “the best interest of the child.”

At Banks, Stubbs & McFarland, our attorneys listen to your child support objectives and give you realistic assessments of your chances for success. You receive facts, options and information about deviations from child support, the “income shares” model for child support and methods for providing your children with the necessities that can contribute to a happy, productive life.

While specific guidelines apply to child support in Georgia, we customize our representation to fit your unique needs and make ourselves available to address any sudden concern or question you might have throughout the process. We can be of service if a modification of child support is necessary, due to a sudden change of circumstance; for enforcement of child support obligations when they are overlooked; and when a father seeks legitimation (paternity) legal assistance in order to support and gain custody or visitation rights.

Seeking child support payments in Georgia

All Georgia parents are responsible for assisting in the support of their children, and usually the support that is given is financial. In fact, no parent can waive their child support obligations. That said, the financial obligations of a parent will be different depending on his or her situation.

The process of applying for child support can be initiated by either parent. The application can be completed on the Internet or in person at an area Child Support Services office. In order to qualify to receive support, applicants must be a custodial parent taking care of a child over half the time. After the application is approved, parents will receive assistance from the Division of Child Support Services at the Georgia Department of Human Resources in order to collect payments.