Guardian Ad Litem Representation in Georgia

Family law matters sometimes arise when a child’s rights are on the line, and when this happens, the child generally isn’t expected to make all their own decisions or to represent themselves in court. These situations are somewhat different than they are for adults, and Georgia courts address the matter with guardian ad litem (GAL) representation. GALs fill a unique legal role, and if you have a family law case that concerns the best interest of your child, guardian ad litem representation in Georgia can help.

The Role of the Guardian Ad Litem

Typically, guardian ad litems are attorneys, but other qualified professionals can also fill the role. GALs are generally appointed by the court in cases that directly affect the welfare or custody of a child, and there are training requirements involved for non-attorney GAL appointees. GALs are assigned to represent the best interests of the child in question, and they serve as officers of the court. As such, their job is to assist the court and the involved parties in reaching decisions related to matters like the following:

GALs hold positions of trust in relation to the minor children they represent, and they are called upon to employ due diligence in this role, which includes educating themselves about relevant cultural and economic diversity concerns and addressing them respectfully.


Because the role of guardian ad litem is based on protecting children, there is a range of qualifications that come into play, including:

Because the role they fill focuses on protecting the best interests of children, the list of GAL qualifications is a tall order.

Discuss Your Concerns with Experienced Guardian Ad Litem Representation in Georgia

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