Experienced Out of Court Divorce lawyers in Cumming and surrounding areas in North Georgia

What is an out of court divorce? 

An out of court divorce is a divorce that is done through the Amicable Divorce Network. The Amicable Divorce Network has created a structured process that empowers you to reach an informed settlement in a civilized manner that makes the situation better, not worse.

The Amicable Divorce Network  is a team of licensed, experienced divorce professionals, including attorneys, mental health clinicians, financial experts and other specialists, who guide you through your divorce.

Network members are trained in the Amicable Divorce Process and vetted to ensure that they are leading, solution-oriented experts, dedicated to helping reasonable people navigate the process of divorce and other sensitive family issues.

You receive the expert advice and guidance that you need, without the cost and mental anguish that comes with litigation.

The Amicable Divorce Process begins with each spouse selecting and contacting an Amicable Divorce Network attorney from our directory.

The attorneys then provide individual legal advice, and discuss the addition of other Network professionals, such as mental health, financial and other specialists, if and as needed, to create a personalized roadmap for your divorce.

You are also invited to contact our Network professionals to help with your individual needs, even if you are not ready to commence a divorce or are not facing divorce at all.

You will receive the advice of sophisticated, caring, and seasoned professionals who are dedicated to an amicable approach to divorce and other sensitive family matters.

Amy Carter has been a member of the Amicable Divorce Network for years. She also holds a position on the Leadership Team. Click here to learn more about this process.

Remember, for those of you with children, you must co-parent after this entire divorce process is said and done! It is incredibly difficult to co-parent after you have gone to war with your spouse through a traditional litigation process. This is also a much more private process and does not require parties to air all their dirty laundry for the world to see!