$1,525,000.00 Head On Collision Settlement

Clients were involved in a 4 car head on car crash caused by a young driver who fell asleep at the wheel and crossed the center lane which caused a collision with two vehicles in the oncoming traffic lane. That impact caused one of the vehicles to overturn and roll and it slid into Clients’ lane of travel. After the significant crash, Clients’ vehicle caught on fire and they were entrapped in the vehicle.

The mother (L.V) injured her knees, hips, and lower back and incurred years of physical therapy, chiropractic care, numerous epidural injections, platelet rich plasma injections, and radiofrequency ablations. Ultimately, she had two arthroscopy surgeries on her hip, arthroscopy on her knee to repair her MCL, and a fusion surgery on her lower back.

The daughter (S.V.) suffered a jaw injury and incurred years of physical therapy, splints, jaw exercises, soft food diet, medications, and an arthrocentesis procedure on her jaw. Ultimately, she had to have TMJ surgery to move the TMJ disc back into its proper place. She was unable to head the ball in soccer and lost her dream of playing Olympic soccer.

The clients had significant medical bills and the accident had a major effect on their lives. Attorney Parker McFarland filed a negligence action against the driver and employer in Hall County State Court.

At the court-ordered mediation, the adjuster only offered $190,000, which was less than the amount of the medical bills.

The defense hired two expert witnesses who said that the mother’s (L.V) injuries were pre-existing and that her treatment was caused by joint disease, arthritis, and degeneration of her spine that she had prior to the wreck.

Attorney Parker McFarland retained several of Client’s treating doctors as experts who gave their opinions in depositions that the pain, injuries, treatment, and surgeries that Clients had, were in fact, caused by the motor vehicle crash.

Numerous medical narratives were obtained by attorney Parker McFarland from doctors who gave expert opinions which further attributed the medical causation for Clients’ injuries to the collision.

As the case approached a date set for the jury trial which was delayed by COVID-19 and expected to last one week, attorney Parker McFarland sent one last demand for the insurance policy limits to the insurance company.

Nearly 5 years from the date of the wreck, the insurance company accepted the demand for its policy limits of 1,525,000.00.

We are committed to getting justice for our clients no matter how long it takes.