Georgia Head-On Collision Accident Attorney

Being in a minor fender-bender can be extremely stressful and even costly in terms of repairs. Head-on collisions are exponentially more dangerous and damaging than minor accidents. If you and the other driver are traveling the posted speed limit of 55 MPH, then at the time of impact the force will be the same as if you were traveling 110 MPH and hit a concrete wall! If you have been in a head-on collision and suffered injuries, you are entitled to damages. Head on collisions often involve more than two vehicles. Having a car accident attorney can help you determine which parties are liable in a motor vehicle accident and where to assert your claims.

Learn more about head-on collisions and how an attorney can help you achieve maximum compensation for your damages. If you suffered injuries in this type of crash, contact a Georgia head-on collision accident lawyer for a free case assessment.

Head-On Collisions are Often Due to Traffic Violations

While some car crashes are simply accidents in which there is no fault, many others are due to the fault of one driver or another, and this is especially the case with head-on collisions. When you are hit by another driver head-on while you were following the rules of the road, that driver was clearly in the wrong lane, turned early, or failed to yield before entering your lane.

Determining whether the other driver was personally responsible, or whether a third-party driver may have caused the collision, or whether an equipment malfunction, emergency medical situation, or road hazard was the cause, can be difficult to determine but will be necessary for you to obtain full compensation for your losses. This is where an experienced car accident lawyer comes in.

Leading Causes of Head-On Collisions

Distracted driving is the operation of a motor vehicle while engaging in any activity that distracts the driver from the road, and it is a leading cause of head-on accidents. When a driver is moving at 55 miles per hour, and they send a text message, it is the same as closing your eyes for the length of an entire football field. A driver can easily veer to the left out of their lane and into the path of oncoming traffic.

Drunk driving is another cause of head-on crashes, as some intoxicated drivers might make a wrong turn and drive the wrong way on a road or major highway. Wrong-way accidents can be particularly devastating, as they might happen at highway speeds.

Drowsy drivers can also cause head-on collisions if they nod off at the wheel. They will likely lose control of the vehicle, which can drive directly into the oncoming lanes.

In addition, head-on collisions are common on two-lane rural highways. This is because people often speed on these winding roads or try to pass people when it is dangerous to do so. It is all too easy to cross the yellow line on a rural highway and crash into an oncoming vehicle.

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Head-on crashes can cause serious and life-changing injuries, as well as fatalities. If you or a loved one suffered harm due to another driver, you should let a Georgia car accident lawyer evaluate your case. Contact Banks, Stubbs, and McFarland to schedule a consultation to discuss your case now.