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Buses help us get where we need to go while shouldering all of the responsibility related to driving safely, fighting traffic, getting from Point A to Point B, and hunting for parking. Bus rides usually go very smoothly, and we don’t think much about them. Bus accidents, however, are something altogether different. If a bus driver’s negligence leaves you injured in a bus accident, don’t hesitate to reach out to an experienced Forsyth County bus accident attorney today.

Different Types of Buses

Buses fill many roles in our lives, including all of the following:

  • City buses help us commute back and forth from work and ferry us around town.
  • School buses are responsible for delivering our children to school and back home again.
  • Tour buses allow groups of like-minded travelers to visit tourist attractions and scenic locations – with very little stress involved.
  • Commercial bus lines, such as Greyhound, allow us to tour the nation while enjoying the view from the comfort of a cushy bus seat.
  • The shuttle buses at hotels and airports are there when we need them and help make traveling more convenient.

While these are all great conveniences, bus accidents in any of these categories can lead to significant trauma, severe injuries, and sometimes death.

Bus Driver Negligence

The driver behind the wheel of your bus is a professional driver, and this means that he or she is held to more serious safety rules and regulations. Bus drivers shoulder immense responsibilities, and when they fail to live up to these professional standards, it can lead to exceedingly dangerous bus accidents. Bus driver negligence can take many forms, including:

  • Distraction – Your bus driver’s attention should be focused solely on driving the bus safely through traffic. A bus driver who allows his or her attention to land on anything other than this primary focus is more likely to cause a serious bus accident. Texting while driving has been shown to be more dangerous than driving while drunk.
  • Speed – Speed limits are set for a very important reason – safety. Bus drivers who go rogue regarding speed are far more likely to cause dangerous accidents. It’s also important to note that bus drivers must take the condition of the road and the effects of bad weather into careful consideration when determining a speed that is safe in the moment.
  • Impairment – Driving while under the influence of alcohol is always a horrible idea, but doing so while behind the wheel of a bus is even more dangerous.
  • Exhaustion – Lack of sleep and exhaustion can affect our motor skills, our judgment, and even our vision – all of which are dangerous consequences for bus drivers to experience. This is why there are careful hours-of-service restrictions for commercial drivers on the books.

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