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Cuts and lacerations are common to many kinds of accidents. Sometimes, you only need first aid at home for a cut, and it will heal with time and care. If the laceration is serious, however, it should be treated by a medical professional right away to prevent infections and scarring whenever possible. If you’ve suffered a cut or laceration in an accident caused by another person, consult with an experienced Forsyth County personal injury attorney at Banks, Stubbs & McFarland today.

Common Causes

Traffic accidents often lead to serious cuts and lacerations – and sometimes multiple wounds from a single event. Such accidents include:

Slip and fall accidents on business premises and private residences are also common causes of painful cuts and lacerations. Further, accidents on the job are another common source, and construction work is especially prone to causing serious cuts and lacerations. Cuts can happen at home due to defective or dangerous products. Whatever the cause, however, these injuries should be taken extremely seriously.

The Physical Consequences

Cuts and lacerations can be extremely painful and slow to heal, but it doesn’t stop there. If you have a serious cut or laceration, the first order of business is seeking the necessary medical care. At the very least, your injury should be professionally cleaned, bandaged, and monitored. If your injury is serious, you’ll likely need more intensive treatment that often includes stitches, sutures, gluing, or other treatment.

Cuts and lacerations are prone to infections, which further complicate the issue and must be watched closely. In other words, your treatment may be ongoing until your laceration has healed. As they heal, these injuries can leave the skin and underlying area less malleable, which can permanently restrict the range of motion in the affected area. Further, the more jagged or uneven the cuts and lacerations, the more difficult the healing process becomes, and the more likely you are to have lasting disfigurement or complications. If the scarring is in a prominent place, it can have mental and emotional effects as well.

Missing Work

If you suffered serious cuts and lacerations in an accident, the healing process can be long and arduous and can keep you off the job for a period of time. Further, even after your injury has healed, if its placement affects your range of motion in your hands or limbs, it can affect your ability to do your job into the future and can even diminish your earning potential and your career development. We want to help you find options that keep you on your feet and feeling good about your future work prospects and abilities.

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