Georgia Hit and Run Accident Attorneys

It’s difficult to imagine being involved in an accident and not stopping to help ensure that everyone else involved is ok and to address the inherent legal responsibilities. Some drivers, however, flee the scene of traffic accidents to try to avoid liability, and they can make recovering on your physical, financial, and emotional damages that much more difficult. If you’ve been injured by a hit and run driver, it’s in your best interest to work closely with an experienced Georgia hit and run accident attorney.

Georgia Motorists Are Required to Stop

Motorists that are involved in traffic accidents that lead to vehicular damage, physical injuries, or death in the State of Georgia are required by law to stop or immediately return to the scene of the accident. In such instances, motorists are responsible for exchanging pertinent information related to car insurance and contact details as well as for rendering aid or calling for help if the other motorist is seriously injured and needs assistance in obtaining medical care. To knowingly fail to stop and fulfill one’s responsibilities after a traffic accident is a criminal misdemeanor. If the accident leads to serious injury or death, the charge is elevated to a felony and can lead to a sentence of five years behind bars.

If the Hit-and-Run Motorist Can’t be Found

Motorists often leave the scene of an accident because they don’t want to be held responsible for the damage they’ve caused, and these motorists can be very difficult to find after the fact. If the driver who left you injured in a hit and run can’t be identified and found, your claim will need to process through your own car insurance coverage via the uninsured/underinsured motorist component (UM/UIM coverage). While you aren’t required by law to carry UM/UIM coverage, your insurance provider is required to offer it to you, and all motorists are well-advised to purchase this very important type of coverage. UM/UIM coverage applies when any of the following happen:

  • The at-fault motorist who leaves you injured doesn’t carry liability insurance.
  • The at-fault motorist who leaves you injured doesn’t carry liability insurance that is sufficient to cover your damages in their entirety.
  • The at-fault motorist who leaves you injured leaves the scene of the accident and is not discovered by the police.

Hit and run claims are complicated and demand the careful attention of hit and run accident attorneys who help ensure that compensation commensurate with one's full range of damages is obtained. 

An Experienced Cumming Hit and Run Accident Attorney Can Help

If a motorist injures you in a traffic accident and then leaves the scene, you may be not only seriously injured but also at a serious loss about how best to proceed. Fortunately, the dedicated Forsyth County hit and run accident attorneys at Banks, Stubbs & McFarland have the experience, resources, and fortitude to zealously advocate for your rights and for your rightful compensation. Your case is important, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 770-887-1209 for more information today.