Cumming Spinal Cord Injury and Paralysis Lawyers

Spinal cord injuries are some of the most severe injuries you can suffer. In fact, a serious spinal cord injury and paralysis can permanently alter your life as you know it in the time it takes for the accident to occur. If someone else’s negligence leaves you with a spinal cord injury, you owe it to yourself and to your health and well-being to work closely with an experienced Georgia spinal injury attorney.

Common Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are often the result of a significant impact to the shoulders, back, and neck, and while nearly any kind of accident can lead to such an injury, the following are the most common culprits:

Every accident claim involving a spinal cord injury is unique with its own circumstances and must be addressed on an individual basis.

Injuries to the Spine

Even relatively minor injuries to the spine tend to be exceptionally painful and can seriously limit mobility. In fact, such an injury can lead to chronic pain and permanent disability. More serious injuries, such as paralysis, are even more consequential and are often classified as catastrophic. Paralysis is a permanent injury that renders sufferers unable to control their bodily movements in the affected area (to a greater or lesser degree, depending upon the severity of the injury). The permanence and dramatic nature of such an injury is obviously devastating.

Recovering for Your Damages

The damages associated with serious spinal cord injuries tend to be immense and can include:

  • Medical Costs – A serious spinal cord injury can lead to overwhelming medical expenses (with no end in sight). The fact is that spinal cord injuries like paralysis are closely associated with serious secondary health concerns that are ongoing and require ongoing medical treatment and care. Your medical costs can include emergency care and transportation at the scene of the accident, surgery and hospitalization, prescription medications, physical therapy, rehabilitation, adaptive physical devices, home adaptations, and much more.
  • Lost Wages – A serious spinal cord injury can leave you off the job for an extended period of time – or even permanently. Many sufferers face a considerably diminished earning potential into their futures.
  • Pain and Suffering – The emotional pain and suffering associated with an injury of this magnitude and finality can be one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome.

It’s Time to Consult with an Experienced Cumming Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

If an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence leaves you with a spinal cord injury, the dedicated Forsyth County paralysis attorneys at Banks, Stubbs & McFarland are committed to helping you obtain the compensation to which you are entitled. The path toward recovery is often long and arduous, but our intrepid legal team has the experience, fortitude, and resources to help. We’re on your side, so please don’t hesitate to contact us online or call us at 770-887-1209 for more information today.