Cumming T-Bone Accident Attorneys

The nickname “T-Bone accident” refers to serious accidents in which one motorist plows his or her vehicle headlong into the side of another motorist’s vehicle, thus forming a “T” with the two cars. These can also be referred to as broadside crashes, and such accidents involve considerable force and often lead to serious injuries. If another driver leaves you injured in a T-bone accident, you need the guidance of an experienced Forsyth County personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Common Injuries

The immense impact of T-Bone accidents tends to leave victims with serious injuries that can include any of the following:

Most crash-related injuries need immediate medical treatment, and you might not know where to turn. Our team can guide you in the right direction when it comes to your ongoing medical treatment.

The At-Fault Motorist

Many people are under the false impression that T-Bone accidents are always the fault of the driver who crashed into the side of the other motorist’s vehicle, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, the car that’s struck is in the intersection illegally (after jumping a green light or after driving through a red light, for example). Each case has its own unique circumstances, but the following forms of driver negligence often play a role:

  • Distraction – Distracted drivers are much more likely to barrel forward without recognizing the danger involved. Smartphones have become the poster child for dangerous distractions, and motorists who continue to allow themselves to be distracted by their phones while behind the wheel also continue to endanger the rest of us.
  • Impairment – Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is an unlawful practice that can lead to deadly T-Bone accidents.
  • Exhaustion – When a driver is impaired by exhaustion, it is much more difficult for him or her to make safe driving decisions.
  • Aggression – Aggressive drivers are some of the worst motorists on our roadways, and they are often the most likely to allow their impulse control to lapse (by racing, brake checking, or aggressively tailgating another motorist, for example).
  • Speed – Speed plays a pivotal role in every manner of traffic accident, and T-Bone accidents are no exception. In fact, because excessive speed makes it not only more difficult to safely stop one’s vehicle but also more difficult to safely control one’s vehicle, speed is often cited as a factor in T-Bone accidents.

Negligent drivers put everyone on our roadways at risk of being injured in serious accidents such as T-Bone collisions.

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