Cumming Dump Truck Accident Attorneys

Traffic accidents involving dump trucks are typically so horrifying that they tend to make the news. Dump trumps are so massive and so heavy (especially when fully loaded) that any accidents involving them are bound to be extremely dangerous. If a negligent dump truck driver leaves you injured in an accident, you need an experienced Cumming dump trump accident attorney in your corner.

Dump Truck Accidents

Dump trucks are massive and unyielding. This means that when they are involved in accidents with other vehicles, the occupants of those vehicles tend to take a far harder hit than the dump truck itself. Further, dump truck drivers face far greater safety impediments than do other motorists, including:

  • Dump trucks have massive blind spots along all four sides, and any vehicle that finds itself within one of these blind spots can be at considerable risk (if the dump truck’s driver isn’t focused on safety).
  • The weight of dump trucks ensures that they require much longer stopping distances which can lead to life-threatening rear-end accidents.
  • When dump trucks are involved in accidents, their immense size can destroy the safety structures on the road, including guardrails, concrete barriers, safety buffers, and more. This leaves everyone involved more vulnerable to serious injuries.
  • Dump truck drivers don’t just drive dump trucks for a living – they also operate those dump trucks – and these sometimes-competing tasks can lead to accidents.
  • Dump trucks – with their massive tires – ride much higher than most other vehicles which can lead to deadly ride-under accidents whereby other vehicles barrel into the underside of these trucks.

Dump truck accidents present several unique dangers that make dump truck accidents extremely dangerous and often deadly.

The Damages Incurred

If you’ve been injured in a dump truck accident, you are probably facing considerable damages that are likely to seem overwhelming. These can include:

  • Death – The incredible impact and trauma of dump truck accidents often carry fatal consequences. If you have a loved one who has experienced the loss of life as a result of a dump truck, the damages include recovery for the full value of the life of the decedent. The economic and non-economic damages for loss of life are always significant.
  • Medical Costs – The physical damages associated with a dump truck accident can require extensive medical procedures and attendant costs, such as emergency transportation and care, surgery and follow-up care, hospitalization, care and treatment from doctors and specialists, physical therapy and rehabilitation, prescription medications, home health care, and much more.
  • Lost Earnings – if you incur a serious injury in a dump truck accident, it’s very likely that you’ll be off the job for an extended period and will experience diminished earnings. If your injury leads to permanent damage, you could face a lifetime of decreased earning potential.
  • Pain and Suffering – The physical and emotional pain and suffering associated with a dump truck accident can be difficult to fully comprehend from the outset. Many victims find the emotional component of these accidents one of the most difficult to overcome.

Seek the Legal Counsel You Need from an Experienced Cumming Dump Truck Accident Attorney

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