Forsyth County TBI Lawyers

Because traumatic brain injuries (TBI) affect the brain, they are extremely serious injuries that are also extremely unpredictable. A TBI can adversely affect your life now and into your future – in the blink of an eye. If someone else’s negligence leaves you or your loved one with a TBI, discuss your case with an experienced Forsyth County TBI lawyer today.

Common Causes of TBIs

TBIs are usually caused by a blow to the head, or by the body, shoulders, or head being shaken violently. Our brains are highly calibrated organs that mastermind every move we make and our every thought. As such, the slightest injury can lead to devastating results. The impact inherent in all of the following accidents can lead to serious traumatic brain injuries:

Common TBI Symptoms

The symptoms associated with TBIs can be elusive and slow to appear, which makes these serious injuries that much more complicated. The Mayo Clinic shares the symptoms that are most closely associated with moderate to severe TBIs, which include:

  • Losing consciousness for several minutes up to several hours
  • Experiencing ongoing nausea and/or vomiting repeatedly
  • Having a persistent headache or a headache that progressively worsens
  • Experiencing seizures or convulsions
  • Experiencing numbness or weakness in one’s toes or fingers
  • Having one or both pupils dilate
  • Experiencing an inability to awaken after falling asleep
  • Having clear fluid drain from one’s ears or nose
  • Losing coordination or experiencing extreme dizziness
  • Experiencing profound confusion
  • Slurring one’s speech
  • Exhibiting combativeness, agitation, or other atypical behaviors
  • Going into a coma or experiencing another type of consciousness disorder

Milder TBIs generally involve milder versions of these same symptoms. It’s important to note, however, that a mild TBI in no way means that the injury is mild in and of itself, or that it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Instead, it simply means that the TBI is comparatively mild. Every suspected TBI requires the immediate attention of a medical professional.

Psychological Suffering

TBIs affect the brain, so they can sometimes have devastating psychological and emotional effects. The mood swings, increased anxiety, and behavioral changes that are common to victims of TBIs can be overlooked. Getting the psychological treatment you need is just as important as the physical care for your body.

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