Verdicts & Settlements

$2,750,000.00 Tractor Trailer Red Light Violation – Wrongful Death

70 year old man who was killed when a tractor trailer ran a red light on U.S. Highway 441. During litigation following a day long mediation, this case was settled for $2,750,000.00. Other details are omitted due to a confidentiality agreement.

$1,750,000.00 Pedestrian accident settlement in White County

Client (R.F.) was walking his dog on the sidewalk along Georgia Highway 17 in White County when a college student fell asleep at the wheel, ran off the road and began rolling end over end until her vehicle hit Client. Attorney Parker McFarland contacted the witnesses who observed that Client was in the fetal position, had incurred severe head wounds with extensive bleeding, and was unresponsive.

Client remained unconscious and was in the intensive care unit or ICU for 7 weeks followed by lengthy rehabilitation. Client’s injuries included a skull fracture, collarbone fracture, T1 thoracic vertebra fracture, 11 rib fractures, and a traumatic brain injury which led to a neck surgery.

Attorney Parker McFarland investigated and obtained all of the evidence including police reports, witness statements, photos, medical bills, and certified copies of the at fault driver’s criminal convictions for Causing Serious Injury as a Result of Collision with Pedestrian and Failure to Maintain Lane and sent a time limited demand letter to the at fault driver’s insurance company for their policy limits of $1,250,000.00 which the insurance company accepted.

Many people don’t realize that you if you are injured as a pedestrian by an automobile, you can make a claim against your underinsured motorist (UM) policy for your vehicle. In this case, attorney Parker McFarland submitted an additional time limited demand to Client’s auto insurance company for their UM policy limits of $500,000 which they paid. The total settlement was $1,750,000.00.

$1,525,000.00 Head On Collision Settlement

In Hall County, a mother and daughter were involved in a head on collision with a drowsy driver who swerved into their lane. Attorney Parker McFarland filed a negligence action against the driver and employer in Hall County State Court.

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$1,300,000.00 Failure to Yield settlement in Forsyth County

The at fault driver failed to yield while turning and struck a vehicle which was propelled into oncoming traffic which then struck Vehicle 3 (Client). Client suffered fractures in her spine, ribs, sternum, and leg. Client underwent a spinal fusion surgery and had two surgeries on her leg.

Attorney Parker McFarland investigated and obtained all of the evidence including police reports, 911 calls, witness statements, photos of the vehicles and Client's visible injuries and scars, medical bills, and certified copies of the at fault driver's traffic conviction for Failure to Yield. Client incurred medical bills in the amount of $446,000. The insurance company had 1.3 million in liability coverage. Upon sending the initial policy limits demand, the insurance company only offered $750,000. Attorney Parker McFarland obtained additional medical narratives from the surgeon and hired a company to provide a professional itemized estimate for the costs of the surgery that the orthopedic surgeon said Client may need in the future. The total amount of the itemized estimates for future surgery was $355,000.

Attorney Parker McFarland send a second time limited demand with the additional evidence, medical narrative, and surgical estimates to the at fault driver's insurance company for their policy limits of $1,300,000.00 which the insurance company accepted.

$750,000.00 – Automobile Negligence

Client (V.G.) was injured when an elderly lady attempted to turn left in front of Client on Georgia Highway 369. Client sustained multiple fractures to her ribs, sternum, L1, and T12 and underwent a back surgery.

Client incurred $296k in medical bills. Because Client had a history of previous back injuries and surgery and the other driver claimed that Client hit her, the insurance company only offered $430,000.00 to settle the case prior to litigation.

Attorney Parker McFarland filed a lawsuit in Forsyth County State Court for negligence and following litigation and mediation, settled the case for $750,000.00.

Attorney Parker McFarland drastically negotiated and settled the outstanding medical bills and liens including a $39,000 lien from Medicare which was reduced to $328.24, which greatly increased Client’s net recovery.

$650,000.00 premises liability settlement

Client fell off a hidden false back of stage at a resort hotel in Florida in January of 2017. After years of litigation, a settlement was reached against the resort hotel and stage construction company for $650,000.00. Further details are omitted as a result of a confidentiality agreement.

$600,000.00 Personal Injury Case Settlement in Fulton County, Georgia

Client (D.W.) was rear-ended on Holcomb Bridge Road setting off a four vehicle series of rear end collisions. Client was diagnosed with disc herniations in his neck at C4-5, C5-6, and C6-7 requiring injections and ultimately artificial disc replacement surgery. There were questions about who was at fault and which wreck caused Plaintiff’s injuries because the initial vehicle which slammed on their brakes left the scene, and after Defendant hit Plaintiff, Defendant was rear-ended only seconds later, causing another collision with Plaintiff. For these reasons, the insurance company for the vehicle that rear-ended Plaintiff offered ZERO. Client’s attorney, Parker McFarland, filed a lawsuit in Fulton County State Court. In the litigation, Defendant claimed that others were at fault including Client and alleged that Client hit the vehicle in front of him before Defendant rear-ended Client. However, in his deposition, Defendant admitted that he did not see anything in front of Client and ultimately accepted responsibility for causing the wreck. After the parties’ depositions were taken during the litigation, attorney Parker McFarland sent a renewed demand and Offer of Settlement for the liability insurance company’s policy limits of $500,000.00 which was accepted. Subsequently, a demand was sent to Client’s underinsured motorist carrier for their policy limits of $100,000.00 which was accepted. The settlement was for the total available policy limits of $600,000.00.

$377,250.00 Auto Accident Wrongful Death Suit in Cherokee County, Georgia

Grizzle v. Hickory Flat Grading, Inc., Case No. 04-SC-1806, State Court of Cherokee County

“Lowboy” tractor trailer pulled out in front of the Client’s husband on Georgia 400 in Cumming, Georgia early in the morning which caused the death of the husband. Defense alleged that the client should not collect since he could have seen the truck. On the eve of the jury trial, Parker McFarland’s former firm, McFarland & McFarland, P.C. negotiated this settlement despite the conflicts in evidence and disputed liability.

$281,198.22 Personal Injury Case Settlement in Hall County, Georgia

Client (J.O.) was a passenger in his uncle’s truck in Hall County when the defendant pulled out in front of them, causing a collision. Although the defendant was issued a citation for failure to yield, a witness identified in the police report stated that Client’s uncle was speeding. Moreover, Client’s uncle admitted in his deposition that he had been speeding at the time of the car wreck.

Client underwent elbow surgery, chiropractic care, physical therapy, and numerous injections. Client was diagnosed with herniated discs in his lower back and neck at L4-L5, L5-S1, and C6-C7 and incurred $95,000 in medical bills. Surgery was recommended to treat the disc injuries. Attorney Parker McFarland filed a lawsuit in Hall County State Court. Despite the evidence that Client’s uncle was partially at fault in the automobile wreck, a settlement was reached prior to trial for all of the remaining insurance policy limits of $281,198.22.

$250,000.00 Personal Injury Case Settlement in Hall County, Georgia

Client (D.D.) was driving on Pirkle Ferry Road when Defendant failed to maintain his lane and side-swiped Client, forcing him off the roadway where he crashed. Defendant caused two wrecks and left the scene without checking on the welfare of the victims or providing his license and insurance information to them. Defendant was ultimately arrested and charged with (1) DUI Less Safe, (2) Hit and Run, and (3) Failure to Maintain Lane. Client suffered from several fractures in his left hand, fingers, and arm resulting in a reduction surgery with pinning and 34,868.09 in medical bills. Attorney Parker McFarland made an Open Records request and obtained Defendant’s certified convictions, all criminal arrest reports which contained the Defendant’s admissions to being drunk and leaving the scene of the wreck. We discovered Defendant’s numerous other speeding and driving violations including a significant speeding ticket the day before this collision. We provided compelling photos and video of Client’s injuries and limitations and submitted them with a demand to the liability insurance company for their policy limits of $250,000.00.

Extensive briefing was included in the demand letter showing that Georgia law provides for punitive damages in cases like this one which are designed to punish dangerous driving such as that caused by being DUI, speeding excessively, or leaving the scene of the collision. Because Client made a good recovery, most adjusters would normally value this type of injury claim in the $65,000 - $85,000 range. However, because of the punitive damage exposure caused by their DUI driver, the insurance adjuster accepted our policy limits demand of $250,000. This settlement was in excess of 7 times the medical bills!

$245,000.00 Sideswiped by Tractor Trailer

Clients’ pickup truck was sideswiped by a large 18-wheeler on I-285 in Atlanta. The client was treated at the hospital and eventually required to undergo two arthroscopic knee surgeries four months after the car collision, incurring $46,500.00 in medical bills. Attorney Parker McFarland filed a personal injury civil case in Cobb County on behalf of the client against the driver and his trucking company and settled the case prior to trial for $245,000.00.

Personal Injury Case Settled for $175,000 in Forsyth County

Client (J.V.) was rear-ended by another driver while stopped at a traffic light, totaling Client’s vehicle. Client sustained injuries to her neck including cervical radiculopathy and stenosis at the C5/C6 and C6/C7 disks which ultimately required neck surgery. Client incurred $83,000.00 in medical bills. The insurance adjuster refused to pay for anything above the medical bills. Attorney Parker McFarland filed a lawsuit against the other driver in Forsyth County State Court and settled the case before trial for $175,000.00.

Wrongful Death Case: Providing Alcohol to a Minor

McBride v. St. Ives Country Club, Inc. Case No. 05VS081814G, State Court of Fulton County

Client’s 20-year-old daughter died in a car wreck after drinking at a country club. Since the injury was to the consumer, the estate’s action against the country club was not allowed. However, action was taken under an ancient Georgia law, the Dram Shop Statute, that allows compensation to a parent for serving alcohol to his or her underage minor. Attorney Bob McFarland negotiated a $350,000.00 settlement while a motion for summary judgment was pending in the trial court. In a later related case, the Court of Appeals denied the action. Therefore, the first case would have resulted in a defense victory if Attorney Bob McFarland had not been able to obtain this settlement with the insurance company.

Recent Slip and Fall Case

The Client was injured in Winder, Georgia when she slipped on a puddle of liquid on a grocery store floor. The trial court would not let the case go to a jury and held that as a matter of law, the Client failed to exercise ordinary care because she admitted that she could have seen the puddle of clear liquid if she had looked at the floor where she was walking.

Parker McFarland’s prior firm, McFarland & McFarland, P.C. was able to obtain a reversal of the trial court’s decision from the Supreme Court. That decision was upheld by the Georgia Court of Appeals. This reversal led to a settlement with the insurance company.