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Defending Child Pornography Charges

Being charged with a sex crime in Georgia means that an individual is facing serious and potentially life-long consequences. Don’t hesitate to contact the criminal defense attorneys at Banks, Stubbs & McFarland. We have the trial experience you need to defend your case.

If convicted of a child porn crime in Georgia, a person is facing not only years in prison and hefty fines but also a requirement of registering as a sex offender which can affect that individual’s ability to live in certain areas and what type of jobs he or she is allowed to have.

Child Pornography In Georgia

In Georgia, child pornography cases are prosecuted under the statute of sexual exploitation of children. This statute states that it is illegal to knowingly possess any material that depicts a minor or a minor’s body engaged in any sexually explicit way. It is illegal to knowingly create, reproduce, publish, promote, sell, distribute, give or possess with intent to sell any such material.

A person facing a child pornography charge may be looking at a Federal prosecution based on evidence suggesting certain levels of distribution, receipt, or possession of child pornography. The federal statute requires a minimum prison sentence for distribution but no minimum sentence for possession. Since this distinction is subtle, to say the least, there are controversies around who gets prosecuted for receipt versus possession.

What Exactly Is Child Porn?

Child pornography is defined as any depiction of sexually suggestive behavior involving minors or the depiction of sexually explicit behavior involving a minor. Simply put, any images or depiction of sexual activity involving children under the age of consent is considered child porn and subjects the owner of these depictions to serious criminal charges.

Child Pornography And Computer Crimes

Since the advent of the internet, there has been a rise in computer crimes around the world, but the most common computer crime involves child pornography. When it comes to child pornography, the most common charges involve:

All of these charges can bring significant consequences, so it is important that you seek legal counsel as soon as possible to begin planning your defense.

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