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Drug Possession Charges Require Experienced Attorneys

If you or a loved one is facing a drug possession charge in Gwinnett or the surrounding counties, you’re looking at serious penalties and jail time. You need a criminal defense attorney that looks out for your legal rights. Call Banks, Stubbs & McFarland, to fight your charges and challenge the evidence that leads to them in the first place.

Unfortunately, Georgia punishes possession of controlled substance charges seriously if the state receives a conviction. Give yourself or your loved one every possible fighting chance at freedom and a more secure future by working with our legal team. Our firm will treat you and your loved ones with empathy and compassion while defending your case.

Were You Charged With Drug Possession In Georgia?

When charged with drug possession in Georgia, it is easy for the system to make you feel guilty before you even have the opportunity to appear in court. The feeling of uncertainty does not provide any comfort either. However, hiring a drug possession charges lawyer at Banks, Stubbs & McFarland reassures you by having your questions answered and an action plan ahead of you.

Georgia Penalizes Drug Possession Convictions Severely

Drug possession charges encompass multiple case types and a wide range of severe penalties. Consequently, these penalties can affect you for the rest of your life, even years after release from prison. Convictions appear on background checks, employers are more critical, and you lose your right to vote.

In addition to the social stigma, Georgia punishes drug possession charges as follows, even for a first-time offense:

Subsequent offenses carry steeper sentences, as do arrests involving multiple charges. Since many first-time drug offenses are automatic felonies if convicted, your entire future is on the line. Hire a drug possession charges lawyer at Banks, Stubbs & McFarland to investigate your charges and fight back in court.

Our Georgia Drug Possession Charges Lawyers Represent Tough Cases

The State of Georgia and the U.S. federal government charges drug possession cases based on numerous factors. These types of charges can indicate simple possession, such as a few marijuana joints, or more serious, such as drug trafficking with the intent to distribute across state lines. Regardless of the charges you face, a drug possession charges attorney has the experience and training you want when mounting a formidable legal defense.

Our attorneys have successfully achieved favorable outcomes for our clients facing the following charges:

Our law firm has years of experience beating drug charges on behalf of our clients. We start by establishing what the prosecutor can objectively prove and building your strategy around this concept within the context of the law. We will give you every fighting chance at a fair case and defense.

Our Attorneys Will Defend Your Charges

Your drug possession charges are defensible. While an arrest generally means that the prosecutor has sufficient evidence against you, it does not mean that their case is complete. They must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, you are guilty of the crime in question.

You also have the right to challenge their case against you in court. Common defenses to state and federal drug possession charges in Georgia include:

You do not have to accept the consequences for a crime you did not commit or that the prosecutor cannot prove. Drug possession charges carry severe penalties if they result in a conviction. Take the opportunity to mount a legal defense that works toward the best possible outcome by hiring a Georgia drug possession charges lawyer today.

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