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Attorney Amy Carter Introduction


My name is Amy Carter. I am an attorney and I've been practicing for just about 19 years. I have four kids, so I am always crazy busy. My oldest is 16, then 15, 10, and six. So, we call them the bigs and the littles. I went to law school in San Diego. So, I moved back to Georgia, I'm from Georgia, in 2007. And the beginning of my practice, I worked as a district attorney. I prosecuted special victims cases, mostly crimes against children, a lot of sex crimes cases. It was what my specialty was. I left the DA's office in 2009 and started doing family law. Right now, my practice is primarily family law on a daily basis, and I do a small area of criminal defense and that's dedicated to special victims sex crimes cases. So, those I still handle. But I'm very picky about the cases that I take.