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Attorney Phil Pilgrim Introduction


My name is Phil Pilgrim. I am a criminal defense lawyer with a primary specialty in DUI detection and enforcement defense. All through law school, always focused on criminal defense. I was a clerk for Judge Jones in the Western Judicial Circuit up in Athens, Georgia when I was in law school. I did third year practice work with the DeKalb County district attorney's office while in law school and was hired as a prosecutor at Forsyth County when I graduated in 2005. Worked in that position for a couple of years when I left and went into private practice where my practice focused primarily on criminal defense and DUI work.

Because when I was a prosecutor I did a lot of work and training law enforcement on DUI protection enforcement, so it was something that I had extensive knowledge in and a lot of experience and expertise had been developed that was actually provided to me by the state of Georgia. Started utilizing that information and a lot of the abilities that I acquired while doing that type of work and facilitated that into defending those charged with driving under the influence. I would say that a bulk of my practice upwards towards 60% focuses on DUI detection enforcement work. After being in private practice for a period of time, started Carter Pilgrim with my partner, Amy Carter, back in 2013 and up until the point of the merger with Banks Stubbs that is the work we've been doing for the last eight years.