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Parker & Jacob Discuss Banks, Stubbs & McFarland's Philanthropy Efforts


Parker McFarland - Well, at Banks, Stubs and McFarland, our mission is to restore lives. And we don't limit that to just our clients' lives, we actively support organizations in our community that are helping others get their life restored.

Jacob Stidham - And so to that end, we made the decision last year to start a giving fund through the firm, where we have pledged to donate a certain amount of our profits each year to organizations in the community that we feel partner alongside our mission of helping restore lives in the community.

Parker McFarland - We let our office staff weigh in on the decision as to who we should support. Looking back at this past year, we supported an organization called Whisper that helped students that are dealing with depression, anxiety, suicidal issues. We supported a men's ministry, Four Streams Partners, helping men find restoration. We supported The Place of Forsyth County, which is designed to people who are in poverty get basic needs, food, housing, shelter.

Jacob Stidham - We also supported two additional organizations, Promise686 and the Forsyth County Community Connection, which both partner with foster care programs and adoption programs to try to restore families and find permanent homes for children in need.