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What Is the Meaning Of Banks, Stubbs & McFarland's Logo with Parker McFarland


At Banks, Stubbs, & McFarland, our mission is to restore lives that have been shattered. Our logo is a picture of a Cypress tree, springing up out of a thorn bush. In Isaiah 55:13, it says that, out of the thorn shall come up the Cypress tree.

This is a picture of restoration. The thorns that our client walk in with symbolizes the brokenness in their lives. The picture of the Cypress tree represents new life, regeneration, restoration. The roots represent our deep roots in this community. Rafe Banks and Beau Stubbs started this firm over 30 years ago in 1991. And finally the shield, is a symbol of protection. So this idea of restoration all takes place within the context of the protection and the defense of our client's legal rights.