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Why Is Mediation Important?


Eric Tatum: I find mediation to be productive almost all the time and rarely a waste of money because you are the one in a mediation that holds the keys to your case. You're the one that's able to make decisions that are impacting your life longterm, and you don't have to put it in the hands of a judge who will know you for the hours, or maybe days if it's a long trial, that you're going to be in trial. So I find it to be very productive. Most of the cases that we have do end up settling at mediation because people want to control their own outcomes.

Amy Carter: I agree with Eric. I think mediation is an absolutely wonderful tool. We use it in almost every single case. Many counties require it before you can even go into a courtroom. But I believe in it so much that I am in the process of getting certified as a mediator. I think a lot of the success around mediation depends on your mediator. When you have a good mediator who is strong, who is not afraid to give an opinion about things, they obviously can't provide legal opinion, but they can provide an opinion based on their experience, the circumstances surrounding the case. And when you have a great mediator, your case is pretty much probably going to settle.